To ensure high standards of service delivery to local communities, the Federation requires all its members to comply with a Code of Cremation Practice. In addition, the Federation has regularly visited crematoria to advise on technical matters and standards of service delivery.

Responding to a survey of its members in 2018, and following widespread consultation of the sector, the Federation is developing a new Crematorium Compliance Scheme.

Focusing on 7 key areas of inspection:

Cremation administration

Ceremony facilities

Cremation facilities

Crematorium grounds and memorialisation

Services and staff

Premises and facilities


The 7 key areas reflect the process of cremation: from the initial practical and statutory administration; ceremony facilities where a service takes place; to the operational area of the crematorium; and ending with the grounds and memorialisation. In addition, services and staff, along with premises and facilities, are also inspected.

On a date agreed with the Local Authority Chief Executive or Private Company Director, an onsite inspection is carried out, focusing on the above areas. In addition to the physical inspection, discussions are also held with management and staff in confidence, to enable the Crematorium Inspector to gain a greater understanding of the organisation’s culture.

It is proposed that the results of the inspection will be shared with the Cremation Authority, which will be given two weeks to challenge the report. The report would then be published on the Federation website in order that local communities can be aware of the standard achieved at their local crematorium.

Members will be updated as the scheme is developed.

Inspection Scheme

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