Questions & Answers

Find answers to the most common questions asked by the public regarding burial and cremation. Member authorities may reproduce this text in their literature, or other forms of publicity, with the proviso that the text is reproduced in its entirety and not altered in any way.



A summary of cremation statistics from as early as 2013. The figures relating to the number of deaths are Crown Copyright and have been kindly supplied with the assistance of the Office for National Statistics, the Office of the General Register of Scotland and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.



Links to all relevant authorities and websites that you may find interesting.


Annual Reports

The annual report of the Federation, introduced by the President, provides a comprehensive summary of the organisations work during the previous 12 months.

Facultatieve Technologies

Facultatieve Technologies (FT) with 145 years of experience in cremation is the international market leader in the design, construction and maintenance of cremation and filtration equipment.