Visual impact is the first impression on any customer in any environment, a clean tidy well-kept environment goes a long way to giving a good first impression of any cemetery or crematorium.

Ensuring high standards of grounds maintenance requires the use of machinery powered by internal combustion engines, both petrol and diesel, using fossil fuels, producing carbon dioxide and creating noise pollution.

This has now completely changed with the advent of battery powered  equipment, petrol or diesel is no longer required, there are no emissions, noise is significantly reduced, and the machine has become a great deal simpler to use.

The introduction of battery powered electric commercial lawn mowers into the UK provides an opportunity to cemetery and crematorium managers to greatly reduce the amount of pollution associated with their grounds maintenance.

The initial investment may be greater for a commercial electric mower than a conventional mower, however the cost of ownership is very low indeed. Once purchased, the only running cost is the electricity, no petrol, oil, hydraulic fluid or belts.

The Mean Green range are powered by Lithium-ion batteries which have a life span of up to 10,000 hours of cutting, as they start to deteriorate after this time, they can be removed and rejuvenated making them 100 per cent recyclable.


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