The Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk

17th June 2021

The report assesses more than 60 risks and opportunities from climate change in the…

First Environmental Awareness Report

16th April 2021

The Federation has completed the first of our new Environmental Awareness…

The Environmental Issues of Imported Granite

15th February 2021

The use of cheaper imported granite across the bereavement industry is…

Crematorium Compliance Inspection Scheme Adds Environmental Awareness

15th February 2021

On the 19th October 2020, the National Executive Committee agreed a number…

Future Energy Options for Cremators

15th December 2020

The fuel used by cremators is becoming an increasingly important question…

Environmental Commitment Policy

24th November 2020

The growing recognition of the pressures on the environment has led…

Electric Cremators

15th October 2020

The UK is taking a holistic approach to reducing carbon emissions:…

Repurposing Recycling

15th October 2020

R2R – repurposing to recycle is increasingly common with a range…

Facultatieve Technologies

Facultatieve Technologies (FT) with 145 years of experience in cremation is the international market leader in the design, construction and maintenance of cremation and filtration equipment.