Crematorium Compliance Inspection Scheme Adds Environmental Awareness

15th February 2021 | Environmental Issues Inspection Scheme

On the 19th October 2020, the National Executive Committee agreed a number of actions in response to the environmental challenges facing members. In particular:

  1. The National Executive Council recognises the need for the Federation to react proactively to the increasing global emergency and will seek to support its members take positive steps to help protect the environment. 

  1. The Federation will play a full role working with like-minded organisations to develop initiatives, such as the Environmental Stewardship Group, to further the objective set out above. 

  1. The Crematorium Compliance Inspection scheme will be extended to include a section on the environment.

The Federation’s Crematorium Compliance Inspection scheme has been extended to include an additional section which will produce a separate Environmental Awareness Report. It will not form part of the actual compliance report at the current time, instead it will be as an advisory document.

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