Change to Environmental Risks Guidance

20th April 2022

Guidance for protecting groundwater from human burial has been updated.  …

Temporary Changes to the Death Certification Review Service

15th January 2021

The Death Certification Review Service (DCRS), run by Healthcare Improvement Scotland,…

COVID-19: Guidance Update for England

21st August 2020

This guidance has been updated in line with the Health Protection…

Children’s Funeral Fund for England Announced

2nd July 2019

The Children’s Funeral Fund for England (CFF) was announced yesterday in…

The Funeral Director: Code of Practice Consultation is Live!

24th June 2019

Following input from industry experts, the Scottish Government are pleased to announce…

Funeral Costs Guidance

22nd May 2019

The Scottish Government has published guidance on funeral costs. The new…

Infant Cremation Code of Practice

8th May 2019

As was agreed at the last meeting of the National Committee,…

Required Procedure in Advance of New Crematorium Opening

9th April 2019

The Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act 2016 repeals the Cremation Act…

New Scottish Regulations

26th February 2019

Further to the newsletter circulated on 19th January 2019, our team…

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