Form Cremation 10 Notice

24th November 2022 | Regulations/Legislation

The Crematorium Compliance Inspection scheme covers all aspects of the operation of crematoria, including the completion of statutory documentation.

On a small number of occasions, it has been noted that statutory documentation is being sent electronically to the Medical Referee who, providing the documentation is completed correctly and meets the necessary requirement, is sending an email to the crematorium stating the cremation can proceed.

As a result, Form 10 remains incomplete. This form of workaround is not acceptable. Para 50 (page 17) of the Cremation Guidance for Medical Referees is clear that medical referees must complete Part 2 of form Cremation 10, to authorise the cremation.

In our view, it would be highly problematic to have form Cremation 10 left in an incomplete state with the relevant authorisation contained in a separate document. If at some point the separate authorisations were lost, the position would be highly unsatisfactory as it will appear as though numerous remains have been cremated without the necessary authorisations having been completed.

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