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7th November 2019 | News

The management board of the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM) met on the 30th October 2019. The Secretary, Brendan Day, attended to represent the interests of Federation members. BRAMM continues to develop its national register of accredited masons, allowing representatives of organisations including the Federation on the management board ensures it reflects the needs of local authorities.

Membership of the scheme is not only free of charge to all local authorities, but saves the council time and money by not having to operate their own scheme for checking masons. The BRAMM scheme provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Instantly check online to ensure masons/fixers entering your burial ground are BRAMM registered.
  • Assurance that BRAMM registered mason businesses are insured, have a risk assessment and a current health and safety policy.
  • Confidence that BRAMM registered masons will give a guarantee for the stability of their memorial.
  • Masons with BRAMM Fixer Licence have achieved a recognised qualification in the safe fixing of memorials.
  • Masons with a BRAMM Fixer Licence regularly engage in Continuous Professional Development, every 5 years.
  • Free access to the BRAMM Blue Book – a guide to the installation of memorials, can be included in regulations.
  • Access to a dedicated liaison officer to provide support and guidance in monitoring and discipline of masons.
  • An equally represented appeals panel (as and when required) ensures local authority voice is heard.
  • 50% local authority representation on the BRAMM board.
  • BRAMM has representation on the British Standards.
  • Regular printed newsletters.
  • No charge for a burial authority.
  • BRAMM has no commercial interest.
If you should require any further details, go to the BRAMM Burial Authority Registration Benefits Leaflet.
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