Guidance on Funeral Attendance

15th October 2020

Further advice from DHSC for England, funerals must only take place…

Scottish Guidelines on Funerals and Wakes

15th October 2020

The Scottish Government has published guidelines on Funerals and Wakes. The…

Scottish Guidelines on Carrying The Cords and Coffin

15th October 2020

The Scottish Government has published guidelines on carrying the cords and…

Public Health Funerals: Good Practice Guidance

16th September 2020

The UK Government has released non-statutory guidance for public health funerals….

COVID-19: Funeral Guidance Update

4th September 2020

New guidance has been issued today putting an upper limit on…

COVID-19 Guidance on Managing a Funeral

21st August 2020

The Government has updated its guidance on managing a funeral. Guidance…

COVID-19: Guidance Update for England

21st August 2020

This guidance has been updated in line with the Health Protection…

Sands – Communication while wearing PPE

31st July 2020

Feedback from parents and professionals has informed SANDS that PPE is…

Joint Best Practice Guidance For Infant Cremation

16th March 2020

The first article of the Code of Cremation Practice states: “The…

Updated Guidance on Coroner Reports

21st November 2019

On Tuesday 1 October 2019, a set of regulations requiring medical practitioners…

Children’s Funeral Fund – Views Wanted

7th November 2019

On the 23rd July 2019 the Government launched the Children’s Funeral Fund….

The Cremation (Scotland) Regulations 2019 Updated Guidance

3rd October 2019

A letter has been released with guidance on The Cremation (Scotland)…

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