CAMEO General Meeting

22nd July 2020 | News Updates

The Annual General Meeting of the National Mercury Burden Sharing Scheme took place on 1st July 2020. The meeting was held by video and included the directors, members and accountants.

In the trading year 2019, 246 crematoria out of a total possible 308 in the United Kingdom took part in the Scheme. CAMEO received £760,375 from cremation authorities which have not abated and are required to contribute to the Burden Sharing Scheme. £725,513 was then distributed and is committed to future distribution to Crematoria which have installed mercury abatement and have tradable mercury abated cremations for sale (TMACs). The Directors expect these numbers and amounts to reduce steadily over time as more abatement plants are installed.

In this, its sixth year of operation, CAMEO’s trading has shown a small decrease in the value of a Tradable Mercury Abated Cremation (TMAC).  This is the result of the increased number of cremation authorities installing abatement equipment and as a result, fewer cremation authorities contributing to the burden sharing part of the scheme.

CAMEO is confident that it successfully delivered a fair and balanced programme. The Directors were pleased to issue certificates of compliance recognised by DEFRA, Local Authority Regulators and SEPA.

The Board of Directors has commissioned the audit of the process of collating and calculating the trading of TMACs, in accordance with Section 7 of the scheme rules. The independent report of the audit will be published on the CAMEO website.

CAMEO supplies DEFRA with details of Crematoria which have traded within the CAMEO scheme and those which have chosen not to do so, or for which no information has been obtained.

The full details of the financial statement appear here and will be published in the next issue of Resurgam.

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