CBCE 2023 – It’s a Wrap!

28th July 2023 | Events

‘It was an excellent event which was very well-organised. It was informative, stimulating and enjoyable’ – Delegate

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the event and learnt a lot as always whilst networking’ – Delegate

A short and public thank you to all those involved in our latest successful CBCE. It was a great event made possible through all those involved – the delegates, speakers, exhibitors, organisers and hotel staff. A full report will appear in the next edition of Resurgam.

Now our thoughts turn to CBCE 2024, the Centenary event, to be held in Blackpool so if you have any thoughts or reflections on how we can improve the event and you have not completed a feedback form let me know at [email protected]

Brendan Day
Secretary and Executive Officer


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