CMA Publishes Further Papers

21st February 2020 | Reports

The CMA has published further working papers in connection with its funeral directors and crematoria services market investigation. The working papers are available on their webpage at case page.

The CMA are considering a range, of what they describe as ‘remedies’, to implement in the cremation market. Including ‘considering how prices could be set and updated if a maximum price was to be implemented. We are considering two main approaches: setting a cap on the price of a cremation using pricing information from the sector (subsequently updated by reference to an index such as the Consumer Price Index) and setting a cap on the price of a cremation based on crematoria costs and allowing for a ‘fair’ profit margin.’

Members should read the published papers, in particular the paper entitled ‘Funerals market investigation Remedy options for regulating the price of crematoria services’. You can download the named paper from our Documents page.

The paper summarises the thinking of the CMA and seeks views, including on a number of specific questions that are set out at paragraphs 111 to 113 of that working paper.

If you have any views please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary, Brendan Day, who will collate a response on behalf of the Federation.

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