Crematorium Compliance Scheme

10th December 2019 | Inspection Scheme

The Federation has radically changed its approach to crematoria inspection over the last two years. The National Executive Committee set itself the goal of creating a Crematorium Compliance Scheme, with the clear purpose of raising standards across the sector.

The scheme is based on two central requirements, meeting statutory requirements, as they relate to administration and the cremation process, and a range of indicators relating to key areas of service delivery.

We cover the same six sections at every crematorium:

1.            Cremation administration
2.            Ceremony facilities
3.            Cremation facilities
4.            Crematorium grounds and memorialisation
5.            Services and staff
6.            Premises

Our target for 2019 was to inspect 60 crematoria across the UK, and we achieved 58 visits. Within 5 years we will have completed inspections of all Federation members, providing a powerful baseline understanding of the standard of cremation services across the UK.

We know that our work is leading to higher standards – crematoria providers tell us our inspection reports help identify areas for improvement.

Over the coming years the cremation sector will continue to adapt, and we do not underestimate the challenges that services face. Demand for cremation will continue to increase, as will the number of crematoria, whilst strong pressure on services to control costs will remain.

Success will mean delivering the right quality outcomes for the bereaved within the resources available. We know Cremation Authorities are committed to addressing these challenges. Innovating, adopting new technology to reduce damage to the environment and new ways of working to deliver services which are increasingly user centred. The Federation, through its Crematorium Compliance Scheme, will continue to support its membership and encourage improvement.

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