DMAG Launches Central Portal

24th November 2020 | News

The Central Portal Initiative was launched 3rd November to provide much needed Central Visibility of availability at Crematoria.

DMAG are working closely with Ministry of Justice and other Government Departments to coordinate a sector response to the pandemic a Central Portal would deliver valuable information to help in the ongoing management of this unprecedented situation.

Have you registered yet? Click Here for further details and to join this national initiative. For clarification, the Central Portal Initiative has a single objective– Deliver national visibility of available slots at Crematoria.

There are no costs to register, setup, or use this Portal for the foreseeable future for simple crematoria bookings and confirmations

Facultatieve Technologies

Facultatieve Technologies (FT) with 145 years of experience in cremation is the international market leader in the design, construction and maintenance of cremation and filtration equipment.