GreenAcres Reflection Report

16th April 2021 | COVID-19 Reports Updates

 On the first National Day of Reflection (23 March 2021) – marking one year since the first UK lockdown – Andy Tait, CEO of GreenAcres Group, reflects on the last 12 months and looks ahead to how the pandemic could have a lasting impact on the sector. 

“We in this industry all recognise the pressures this past year has put on our services. We might even go so far as to say we are the forgotten sector; the service that even government ministers don’t like to talk about. Yet we make such a difference to people’s lives at such a difficult time.”

Read the full reflection here.

Facultatieve Technologies

Facultatieve Technologies (FT) with 145 years of experience in cremation is the international market leader in the design, construction and maintenance of cremation and filtration equipment.