ICCM Recycling of Metals Scheme – 13.5 million thank you’s!

14th January 2022 | Updates

Since its inception in 2007, the ICCM Recycling of Metals Scheme has raised £13,531,026.22 for bereavement related charities. That is an incredible amount, made possible by bereaved relatives giving their consent for the metals to be recycled, and by cremation authorities and companies signing up to the innovative scheme.

Prior to the introduction of the scheme, metals from cremation were buried in the ground, creating potential environmental problems as well as being wasteful. Recycling ensures that the metals do not contaminate land, and also reduces the requirement for new ores to be mined – an environmental win/win. The social benefits of the resultant monies being donated to bereavement related charities are incalculable.

The scheme is delivered in partnership with Orthometals, a specialist family-run Dutch company that collect and recycle metals from 1250 crematoria in 30 countries of the world. They are experts in this field, with over 25 years of experience and state of the art facilities to ensure maximum recovery.

Thank you to all the crematoria who have supported the scheme, and have helped raise such vital funds to enable charities to support and provide services for bereaved people.

If any crematoria would like further information about joining the scheme, please email [email protected].

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