Informing Organisations That Someone Has Died

17th June 2021 | Guidance

The process for informing organisations that someone has died can be repetitive, time consuming and emotionally draining. But there are free services to help make this task much easier and quicker.


  1. Telling central and local government

(State benefits, Council tax, Driving License, Passport etc.)


Making this time consuming and painful process better started with the introduction of a government led initiative called Tell Us Once allowing you to inform central and local government services of a death at one time rather than having to write, telephone or even attend in person.

It’s free and saves you the daunting task of informing lots of different government departments the same thing, it also means benefits are stopped promptly (and therefore not needing to pay back) and can more quickly initiate the process of certain benefits being paid to the next of kin more promptly.


  1. Telling other organisations and companies

(Banks, Building Societies, Insurance, Pensions, Gas, Electricity, Water, Social Media)


Now it’s also possible to contact all sorts of other organisations that the person who died may have had a relationship with, thanks to free online services provided by the following companies. 

Life Ledger – Connects with over 650 organisations including Banks, Building Societies, Energy, Mobile, Broadband, Insurance, Pension and Social Media companies. Simply register the death and they will send all notifications at once. To visit their website just click here


Death Notification – Connects only Banks and Building Societies. To visit their website just click here

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