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21st January 2021 | Events

What changes can crematoria, funeral directors and cemeteries make to protect our environment?

The Bereavement Sector is becoming increasingly aware of the unintended environmental consequences that burials and cremations are having on our planet. For example, did you know that one cremation produces NOx emissions equivalent to an average car travelling 3,650 km or 3650 cars driving past the crematorium in 1ΒΌ hours!

Join this webinar where the Federation Executive Officer, Brendan Day, is joined by guests from the sector to discuss ways which we can reduce our carbon footprint and be more aware of the changes we can make in the Bereavement Sector as included in the UK Crematorium Compliance Scheme.


In this webinar we will ask:

  • What is the future of cremation? How should we fuel cremation and should we consider alternatives like Resomation, Cryomation or composting?
  • Should we continue to allow embalmed bodies which pollute the environment to be buried in cemeteries?
  • Should we continue to allow memorials made from granite quarried thousands of miles away, damaging the environment at source and producing large amounts of carbon miles?
  • Current coffin ranges produce pollutants such as NOx, should this be regulated?
  • High standards of formal grounds maintenance produce large amounts of carbon and restrict biodiversity, do the lawn garden models belong to the last century?

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn more about this challenging agenda!


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