Joint Best Practice Guidance For Infant Cremation

16th March 2020 | Guidance

The first article of the Code of Cremation Practice states:

The cremation of a human body is a highly emotional occasion for those taking part in the service. This must never be forgotten by the staff of the Crematorium who must work together to create and maintain a dignified atmosphere of reverence and respect throughout the entire proceedings.

Whilst this applies to all bereaved families, perhaps nowhere is this more poignant than the cremation of babies.

For that reason, all Cremation Authorities should be following the best practice agreed in the joint statement issued by the 4 representative organisations, view here. In particular, the use of baby trays to ensure the recovery of the maximum amount of ashes. In Scotland were the use of baby trays is mandatory ashes have been recovered in 100% of baby cremations.

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