Joint Guidance – Best Practice Guidance for Infant Cremation – England and Wales

17th August 2022 | Guidance

It is now over six years since the Federation, along with kindred organisations, recommend that all cremation authorities involved in the cremation of babies and Infants (including Non-Viable Fetal Remains) must make use of the best available techniques to maximise the recovery of ashes from cremation.

The revised Crematorium Compliance Inspection Scheme now includes questions on this important area of our work.

To maximise the recovery of ashes, it was recommended that cremation authorities familiarise themselves with their cremation equipment and operating manuals, specifically in relation to the cremation of babies and infants. In addition, where fitted they should use a relevant computer programme, usually referred to as fetal or infant setting, for all infant cremations. The coffin being placed into a metal tray prior to introduction into the cremator chamber.

Once cooled, the ashes should be carefully collected and processed ready for final disposal in accordance with the instructions received from the Applicant for Cremation. Due to the small amount of ash resulting from the cremation and the potential for loss in the cremulator they should be reduced by hand, e.g. using a mortar and pestle of sieve and brush.

It was agreed that overnight cremations with the cremator turned off should not be considered, as these would contravene the conditions within the cremation authority’s environmental permit.

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