Life Treasury

21st August 2020 | News

As we come out of lockdown, cremation authorities may once again be reviewing their memorial provision and the choices they provide to the bereaved.

Manchester Crematorium and Blackburn Cathedral are early adopters of a new system with Life Treasury.

Life Treasury provides bereaved families with new options to place the ashes of their loved ones in a beautiful hand-crafted personalised Life Treasury Book containing a hidden urn unit for ashes, a personalised photo memory book and keepsake box. The books can either be securely locked into one of our beautiful bespoke bookcases sited in meaningful venues (such as the crematorium their loved one was cremated at) or kept at home, enabling future generations to remember and reconnect with their family. The “Library of Life” installed into your crematorium combines sustainable fundraising whilst offering a meaningful and special memorial for families facing bereavement.

Facultatieve Technologies

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