Memoria Kirkleatham is Awarded Cemetery of the Year 2021

21st October 2021 | Members News

After a brief hiatus, the Cemetery of the year awards returned in 2018 and Memoria, who have extensive burial options at eight of their 11 memorial parks and crematoria have collected their second award in four years when last month Memoria Kirkleatham was awarded gold and the title cemetery of the year 2021 following Memoria Cardiff and Glamorgan’s silver success in 2020.

What makes the success at Memoria Kirkleatham even more remarkable is that the standards the team have achieved are against the backdrop of one of the worst worldwide pandemics the world has witnessed which has meant they have seen their busiest ever period yet have maintained and delivered exceptional standards of bereavement care.

This part of the country is steeped in tradition and many families still select burial and, despite the worsening of the covid-19 situation during the past year, Manager Gill Johnstone and her team have maintained exceptional standards across all elements of the memorial park. Local people have really appreciated the team, the facilities and the products at Memoria Kirkleatham with fantastic reviews of the site and the staff.

Being recognised in this category is not just about the length of the grass or how pretty the flower beds are but it is also about the level of service provided to the bereaved and Memoria’s mission statement, which is behind all training and corporate policy.

These successful submissions mark their commitment to the teams across each of the 11 locations they have around the UK. Indeed, Memoria Barnby Moor was recognised as the best provider of bereavement services in Nottinghamshire earlier this year while Memoria South Oxford was voted ‘Crematorium of the Year’ in 2018.

Freedom of choice is also another key factor that the I.C.C.M looks for as well as consistency and quality across a cemetery and when you first enter the gates at Memoria Kirkleatham the very high-quality visible aspect the grounds and surroundings reflect show that you will undoubtedly be receiving a very high level of care when you choose this location for the burial of a loved one.

As managers, we can differ as to what is an essential element of required regulation and indeed what isn’t and the public that uses a particular site will have varying views. So, words like enforcement do not sit well when you are trying to deliver what is very clearly a very successful company mission statement in a way that allows a family to be personal yet maintain a standard of both safety and comfort at what is often the most difficult of times for many families.



The application and delivery of high-quality burial services at Memoria Kirkleatham takes commitment and passion. As we all know working in this sector often becomes a vocation as against just a job and the care and work ethic that Memoria’s team at Kirkleatham have delivered is truly reflective in the very high quality of memorials and graves across this stunning location the team have the privilege of working in. Gill is rightly very proud of her team.



Whenever you see the surroundings that are a site like Memoria Kirkleatham you instantly know that you are going to be cared for by a team of people dedicated to what they do. Memoria’s Mission statement is an idyllic piece of writing but it becomes much more than just that when a team of people embrace it, believe it and deliver it and even before you reach the office at this cemetery you will see all around you a place that is very special, cared for with a degree of pride that makes you feel that you are choosing the right location for a life long memorial to that very special loved one.

For more details on how Memoria at Kirkleatham can help you and details of the services and products they have at this beautiful location call them on (01642) 771041 or visit their website at

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