Metal Theft from Cemeteries

5th December 2022 | News

The Federation recently received reports of the theft of metal memorial plaques from cemeteries. The items involved ranged from lanterns and small metal statues to the larger 24” X 18” Bronze Plaques. Members will appreciate just how distressing this is to the bereaved families who have placed the items on graves in memory of their loved ones. Also, the wider community of visitors, who worry that their memorials may also be stolen.

The Secretary of the Federation, Brendan Day, gave evidence to a meeting of the Metal, Stone and Heritage Crime All Party Parliamentary Group on the 22nd November 2022. As a resulted it is proposed that the theft of memorials be treated as an ‘aggravated’ crime resulting in a harsher sentence for anyone found guilty of the theft or damage of memorials. In addition, speaking with Antonia Grey, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at the British Metals Recycling Association the Secretary was advised of their Metal Theft Alert system.

This is an email system that is sent out to all our members’ of the British Metals Recycling Association. Reporters need to send the following information:

  • Date and Time of theft:
  • Address theft took place:
  • Items stolen:
  • Vehicle used (if appropriate)
  • Details of the theft:
  • Crime Reference
  • Contact details

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The Federation welcomes the efforts the British Metals Recycling Association are doing to stamp out this extremely distressing crime.

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