Repurposing Recycling

15th October 2020 | Environmental Issues

R2R – repurposing to recycle is increasingly common with a range of television programmes highlighting how items such as old furniture can be rescued from the tip and given a fresh lease of life with new purpose.

The R2R movement is not only restricted to furniture but can be adopted anywhere, even in the crematorium environment.

The Superintendent & Registrar at Margam Crematorium, Clive Phillips, provides an excellent example. A family having taken away the ashes of a loved one to scatter brought the casket back to the crematorium and enquired what would happen to it – would it be destroyed? A member of staff with an interest in wildlife offered to repurpose the casket into a birdbox which would be used in the crematorium grounds. The family welcomed the suggestion.

Having sited the first, several more have been made and fixed throughout the grounds providing a new purpose for the casket and encouraging local wildlife.

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