The Code of Cremation Practice and Crematorium Inspections Update

5th December 2022 | Inspection Scheme

An integral part of the Crematorium Compliance Scheme is the Code of Cremation Practice, which was introduced in 1947.  The Code has been central to improving standards within the sector and providing both owners and their communities confidence in their crematoria.

The importance of the code is reflected in the Constitution of the Federation which makes compliance a condition of membership. Clause 4 states:

The election to, acceptance of and continuation of Membership of the Federation shall be deemed to be conditional upon adherence by each Member to the appropriate Code of Practice of the Federation.

Members were required to complete an annual declaration stating that the code had been followed. Confirmation of adherence to the Code of Cremation Practice is now through the Crematorium Compliance Inspection Scheme. Making the 3 year inspection a requirement of membership.

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