We Need YOUR Feedback!

21st November 2019 | Events

Following the great success of this year’s CBCE, the Federation Executive Committee are anxious to ensure this flagship event with the Cremation Society remains relevant to members. In particular both in the content of the papers and the format of this valuable CPD accredited education event.

We would like to hear if there are any particular issues, initiatives, subjects or examples of best practice you feel would be of particular benefit to members. Equally if you would like to see the format of the event shaped to enhance learning outcomes, for example interactive discussion sessions, visiting sites of interest or debates.

If you have any thoughts or ideas please contact the Secretary at [email protected].

Facultatieve Technologies

Facultatieve Technologies (FT) with 145 years of experience in cremation is the international market leader in the design, construction and maintenance of cremation and filtration equipment.